concrete overlay

The Ease of Concrete Overlays

concrete overlay
Stained Concrete Overlay In Wood Pattern

Concrete Overlay for Added Value and Ambiance

Architectural historians place the advent of concrete overlay (stamping resurfaced concrete) between 1890 and 1920 when professional builders started using colors and stains to come up with unique flooring concepts. In recent times the introduction of special construction materials add creativity and structural stability aspects to this style of flooring.

It is an ingenious technique that over the years has allowed individuals to uniquely create residential patios, walkways, basements, walls and pool decks. Coming up with a captivating concrete overlay design however requires knowledge of what makes the concept tick such as styling and proper installation processes.

Best Type of Concrete Overlay

Microtoppings and skim coats are examples of ultra thin cement-based overlays that are perfect for when it comes to adding color and texture to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Some are pre-tinted in various shades, patterns and colors. There are also customizable types which enable you to change their outlook to your taste and preference by adding various liquid color agents to match designs.

A self-leveling concrete overlay is, on the other hand, a polymer concrete overlay that is designed to level out without using processes such as toweling, making them suitable whenever you want to carryout quick floor repair jobs with a touch of perfection. In cases where you want to achieve a decorative and aesthetic floor patterns these top the list for polymer concrete overlays.

Planning a Concrete Overlay

The starting point is to recognize the significance of planning concrete overlay procedures. Good preparations makes the floor consistent in design and functionality over the years under various weather conditions.

concrete overlay
Concrete Overlay With Stamped, Colored Concrete

Depending on the terrain and the soil type on which the home stands, note that an ideal concrete overlay may require professional attention to determine parts of the floor that may experience high traffic or overweight vehicles which may bring about cracks and fissures that can in return lower lifespan and ambiance.

Accurate use of appropriate materials and methods such as full-depth and partial-depth reinforcements can be determined during the planning process. A well planned concrete overlay helps avoid budgetary shortfalls which can result into over spending or under budgeting. That could halt the flooring project before completion.

Planning therefore helps to come up with accurate budgetary allocation, speed up the activity and create a lasting concrete overlay surface that’s unmatched in beauty.

Coming up with the Design Concepts

The only limitation on the use of concrete overlays is your imagination and budget. This means that you can choose between multicolored or polished overlay styles that uniquely merge to give homes ambiance and elegance. The use seven sided patterns for in-door spaces make it possible to use natural light and artistic symmetry to guide the eye to focal points.

Some of the most captivating concrete overlays are those that create a dream blueprint in which incorporate the use of colors and shapes which are special to homeowners. This means that with the help of a ΒΌ-inch aluminum dividing strips additional materials such as calcium aluminates and thin microtopping are used to create radiance and spark decorative aggregates. This allows high-end concrete overlay designs beyond most homeowners wildest decor dreams.

concrete overlay
Stamped, Stained Concrete Overlay in Block Pattern

Installation Cost of Concrete Overlay

The process of installing an overlay concrete flooring style depends on repairing or preparing the surface. You may be required to replace a tiled or damaged concrete floor section.

Then remove substances such as dirt and grease to preserve the overlay’s adhesive properties. Installation procedures involving scaling or delamination of concrete improves the floor’s quality as filling active cracks and profiling helps make the overlay more resistant to ground movements due to temperature change. The installation process also requires technical support from experts given the nature of mixing ratios or various materials that go into stamping resurfaced concrete.

Machines such as shotblaster and grinders are vital in the concrete preparation process which are carryout out by removing contaminants and unsound concrete. Safety requires workers to wear protective apparatus such as knee pads and gloves. Using the right tool for the right job is another good practice to attain remarkable results without sustaining personal injuries.

Maintenance Routine

Maintenance of any surface  with a concrete overlay design preserves its ambiance and lowers repair cost. Using a quality sealer, for example, has made stamped resurfaced concrete surfaces last longer without major repairs. Though most manufactures advice people with exterior overlay floors to reseal them at least once each year, the right maintenance step begins by buying the right overlay for outdoor decorations.

General cleaning maintenance practices such as washing concrete overlay surfaces using low pressure water and mild detergent preserves color, texture and radiance.

Go for Genuine Products and Professionals

Combining inexperienced flooring experts and counterfeit materials is the worst mistake to make when it comes to undertaking concrete overlay or stamping resurfaced concrete procedures. This makes it important to establish the level of any constructor’s professionalism before hiring. Make potential contractors provide samples of previous projects and completely answer any questions. If you find it difficult to understand some aspects of this modern flooring then you need to keep asking questions.

Always ensure that the overlay materials that you obtain are protected by a warranty. In addition to that make sure there is a written warranty for workmanship backed by an insurance certificate.

Last, make sure the contractor is licensed to work in your area. A licensed contractor will work with you to solve problems in order to stay in the good graces of the local government. If you follow these guidelines you will feel even better about your concrete overlay.