Decorative Concrete Patio in Hillsborough County

Decorative Concrete Patio in Hillsborough County

Backyard Transformation With A Decorative Concrete Patio

People tend to concentrate on landscaping to personalize and boost their home. A decorative concrete patio is regarded as the center of attention in a backyard. Being regarded as the focal point of a backyard, an outdoor patio can end up being the sanctuary for our home, a place where one can relax after a hard day.

Decorative Concrete Patio in Hillsborough County
Decorative Concrete Patio in Hillsborough County

A decorative concrete patio is made in the same way as any regular concrete patio. Plain concrete has a consistent color throughout the structure. In the case of decorative stamped concrete the material is not only colored, but also stamped with a selected design that can resemble any of the expensive products like tiles, natural stones or bricks. The outcome looks completely natural and has benefits that include variety of pattern and color options, durability, fast installation and  low maintenance cost.

Decorative Concrete Patio and Planning

In case you want to have a decorative concrete patio installed in the yard, it is very important to identify your needs before working with a contractor. Decorative concrete patios can be produced in a great deal of different colors, themes and designs. The first step is to figure out the purpose, and design a theme around it. In addition to this, patio area designs can be customized with many different mixes of pebbles, stone pieces, bricks and other materials. Despite the design you select, it will have the ability to match existing surroundings with a large range of textures and color combinations.

However, if you have any problem in completing the planning, it is easy to seek advice from an expert architect. A knowledgeable and professional architect will help you develop an aesthetically pleasing patio  based upon all the factors of your home. You can share your requirements and concepts with the designer to make certain he works along those lines.

A Decorative Concrete Patio and Colors

It is easy to use as many colors as you like when developing a decorative concrete patio. As gone over earlier, the colors utilized in the patio needs to complement other garden elements, as well as the style of your home. Basically, there are 2 usual techniques of painting a decorative concrete patio. These are essential coloring admixture and dry shake color hardeners.

The contractor will use one or both of these methods as the concrete patio designs or style chosen by you requires. With integral coloring admixtures, different color dyes are mixed in the concrete before starting the pouring procedure. On the other hand, dry shake color hardeners make use of color on the concrete slab itself after completing the putting procedure. Both these techniques can give a nice effect when used together. A combination of these approaches can make the colors long lasting, and let decorative concrete patios shine for a long time.

Shape and Pattern on Your Decorative Concrete Patio

Decorative Concrete Patio in Hillsborough County
Decorative Concrete Patio in Hillsborough County

There are almost no limit to patterns and shapes. The designs and themes for decorative concrete patios can simulate any natural pattern like, wood, stone, brick and numerous even more. You’re able to pick any shape, design, pattern or design matching the architecture of your residence. There are no constraints on the design, forms and patterns of the decorative stamped pattern. For that reason, you can opt to choose any kind and pattern that matches you imagination.

Installation of Your Decorative Concrete Patio

Setup procedure of colored concrete patio looks  extremely easy, quick and simple. Contractors should not take more than a day or two to complete the task. Nevertheless, it can take a few days or even more for the design to dry entirely. A brief description of the installation process is reviewed below.

Before the slab is poured the base material is set and the form constructed.  Then the concrete is poured onto the base. It needs to not be less than 4 inches thick. The next action is to include some color in either the mixer or after the completion of the pouring process, depending on the option of coloring technique either dry shake coloring or/and integral coloring. Now use the release agent as it permits the texturing mats to come off without spoiling the concrete. Then texturing mats are laid in succession. When the laying is done, the concrete is allowed to dry out for twentyfour hours or more. In the end, the release agent is pressure washed to clear the residue.

Many people waht to do the outdoor patio installation project themselves. Despite the fact that there are numerous self guides available for the this, it is strongly recommended that you hire experts to get the job done. The entire procedure of laying concrete outdoor patio is virtually an art which needs unique tools and experienced individuals. Save yourself the hard labor and find an expert concrete professional with experience in the field.

Expense and Upkeep

Decorative Concrete Patio in Hillsborough County
Decorative Concrete Patio in Hillsborough County

The setup and maintenance expense of decorative concrete patio varies on the basis of style, design, colors and size chosen. Labor and cost of materials are a substantial part of the expense of the job. However, the general cost of installing decorative concrete is significantly less than making use of materials like stone or slate.

Consider that  a concrete outdoor patio typically lasts longer and does not need more than routine upkeep. In order to clean these patio areas, you don’t need any special tools. Basically, a decorative concrete patio requires less financial investment and maintenance than other alternatives.



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