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Decorative Concrete Driveways


A decorative concrete driveway is available in a wide range of colors, textures and designs. In addition there are different sorts of decorative concrete driveway finishes. In this post, we’ll discover some outstanding alternatives for concrete driveways.

Concrete Driveway Tampa
Concrete Driveway Tampa

The initial step is to identify if your concrete driveway is sound. It is very important to have a sound driveway prior to you updating it to decorative concrete. Examine your driveway for breaking, sinking and washouts. If your driveway is identified to be unsound then the cost for removal and replacement must be added to the task. Let the expert analyze the location and determine the condition prior to continuing.

Concrete driveway overlays are only possible to get if you have a solid foundation. Concrete overlays use either of the two techniques for installation. The first is called a skim coat. It is a procedure in which a thin layer of the brand-new concrete is spread over the existing base then the pattern in pressed. These patterns can be finished with different colors, spots and sealers.

The second is called micro topping.  A micro topping is a thin polymer coating that is spread and stamped while the polymer is still wet. This is called stamped concrete driveway. More on concrete stamping later.

Another kind of upgrade is to utilize decorative concrete pavers.

These need a layer of bedding to be laid prior to placing. The bedding material and concrete pavers must be firmly bordered to prevent washout. Concrete pavers offer a wide range of colors and designs also. More on pavers later on.


What Is A Decorative Concrete Overlay?

This is another category that applies to many areas of your home and is worthy of more focus.

Concrete Overlay Tampa
Concrete Overlay Tampa

If we talk about concrete overlays, there are two significant concerns that you need to not neglect. Initially, these can quickly fail of when not placed on a solid base. You ought to not proceed if you don’t currently have an even existing concrete base. A lot of DIY videos for setting up concrete overlays do not talk about the relevance of having a stable base. Talk to a contractor if you have any doubts. Proceeding without professional inspection can result in squandering the cost of concrete overlays.

Second most important thing for successful completion of a concrete overlay is to prepare the existing concrete. The concrete overlay, regardless if it is self-levelling concrete overlay or poured concrete overlay, needs to have the ability to bond with the existing concrete. It can not do that if there are things like grease, oil, mold or dirt on the surface of the existing concrete.

You will need a pressure washer, and possibly, a steam pressure washer to prepare the surface. Overlooking such essential elements will be a total waste of your do it yourself concrete overlay effort.

Having a level,  clean and stable existing base is essential to start the project. Lack of experience in such tasks can cause quite nasty conditions. The overlay must be sealed with a polymer sealant to preserve the color and decrease maintenance.

If you are going to do anything more complex than a single color overlay then hire a service provider.


Decorative Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are incredibly versatile and deserve to be examined  independently.

Decorative Concrete Overlay Tampa
Decorative Concrete Pavers Tampa

One of the significant advantages of using decorative concrete pavers is that they offer you plenty of options to choose from in terms of paver designs and colors. You can quickly discover hundreds of images of paver designs on the internet for concrete pavers. Almost every image you’ll discover will have a different set of pavers. You can vary from the basic red or concrete colors to some genuinely strange color combinations and everything between.

With ease of access, you can explore  ways to install concrete pavers or the best ways to lay brick pavers. If you are expert in Do It Yourself tasks, you can certainly learn to install concrete patio pavers yourself because it looks easy.

Don’t be too sure of that. Zoom in for a closer look. See the weeds and grass growing in between the pavers? See the pavers on the edge separating from the patio area? Can you see the washout? This is exactly what happens when installation is not carried out by specialists.

When you install patio pavers, you need to have a steady base. This can be explained in two ways. Initially, the pavers must always be positioned over a strong  base and second of all, the sand bedding should rest on a well-compacted aggregate base.

Other elements that can influence the outcome ought to be considered. This should include having  a perimeter retaining system.  Without a system to retain the base you will spend a lot of time and efforts on maintenance.

Hiring a seasoned and qualified contractor to install patio pavers is the only means to obtain finest decorative concrete pavers.


Decorative Concrete Stamping

Stamped concrete is a neat and clean way to improve parts of  your house. We understand that stamped concrete is available in a couple of classifications. You can get it on a brand-new slab, a concrete overlay of an existing slab or a micro topping making use of a  self-leveling polymer concrete overlay. You require a stable base for all  of concrete overlays to support bonding.

Concrete Stamping Tampa
Concrete Stamping Tampa

Single color and simple designs can be considered for a  do-it-yourself concrete overlay. But installing stamped concrete molds, complicated designs and patterns might be more than you wish to deal with. Where are you going to get the stamp concrete molds with the patterns?

Make sure you work with qualified contractors only, and this is not possible if you have no idea how to do stamped concrete. The total cost of stamped concrete will not affect your existing budget plan significantly.

Now the enjoyable part. Turn your imagination on and start preparing! You can develop a stamped concrete design that simulates costly materials like wood and bricks. All you have to do is some mixing in color concrete, stamping the concrete mold and highlighting the stains to attain desirable results. Likewise, you can also develop wood or stone. Wood! A proficient stamped concrete contractor can create a stamped pool deck that looks exactly like wood and last for many years.

Are you into nature? Birds, leaves, fish are all possible.  How about sports? Drive your close friends who root for the wrong team insane by stamping your team’s design into your patio area!

Bear in mind that personalizing designs and patterns can contribute to the complete cost and require an expert contractor.


Decorative Concrete Pool Deck.

Deciding  between a decorative concrete pool deck and cement pool decks is similar to selecting between day and night. Plain concrete is boring. Cement pool deck designs have the capability to boost the appeal of your pool area.

Concrete Pool Deck Tampa
Concrete Pool Deck Tampa

Stamped pool decks are exceptionally cost-efficient methods to mimic pricey materials like brick, natural stones, bricks and wood. If you already have a concrete pool deck, you can always choose to upgrade it by  overlaying a thin layer of colored concrete.

This layer is sprayed with a release representative then stamped making use of textured mats with various designs. Textured mats are not removed till the concrete securely holds the developed shape. The release representative is washed off after getting rid of the mat. Utilizing sealer is a fundamental part of installing this sort of concrete as it prevents color loss and reduces the expense of upkeep. The final cost of cement pool decks is based upon the complexity of the design.

A micro topping is  a cost-effective means to develop a decorative concrete pool deck. These are self leveling coats of water based acrylics that have coloring agents prior to use or custom colored by the contractor. The technique is to position them correctly over the existing concrete, so the selected design can be stamped. These overlays should also be sealed.

Another choice for ornamental concrete pool decks are concrete pavers. Decorative concrete pavers can be set up over existing concrete or set up right in the ground. These can be cut in any preferable shape and do not even have to be sealed.

It is important to employ competent service provider when working near to such an expensive location like a pool.


Decorative Concrete Floors

Decorative concrete floors can be a powerful statement of warmth and sophistication. It will add elegance and warmth to your home, patio, driveway and pathway.

Concrete Floors Tampa
Concrete Floors Tampa

Concrete staining is usually done with either acidic staining or with a water based acrylic.

Acidic staining uses metallic salts and hydrochloric acid to penetrate the concrete and develop desirable designs, tones and tones. The response  between the acid and the concrete triggers the staining. Given that staining the cement flooring causes bad odor and harmful fumes, it should to be not used for indoor purposes.

Water based acrylics do not cause odors and produce an incredible array of colors. Stencils and stamps are made use of to produce unique designs and patterns. Stamped concrete incorporated with concrete stain produce unique designs and patterns.

One-of-a-kind and splendid decorative concrete finishes can be created making use of stamped colored concrete. Fine grinding pads are utilized to eliminate the top layer of the concrete for polishing.
This is to make aggregate visible. It is possible to create unique and extraordinary decorative cement designs and color if you mix various aggregates with staining, stamping and grinding.

Make certain you seal the decorative concrete floors in the right manner for long lasting results. Sealant secures the color from fading and makes the design look new for a long time. The sealer you make use of needs to contain anti-slip properties.

Concrete staining is best done by an expert.


A Decorative Concrete Patio

A decorative concrete patio is constructed similarly to a decorative concrete driveway. See to it you have a solid base to lay decorative  concrete. In order to get an excellent patio, you must have some knowledge about appropriate installation techniques and practices.

Concrete Patio In Tampa
Concrete Patio In Tampa

In the case of a concrete patio, excavate 8 inches of dirt from the ground. Spread four inches of aggregate and compact. If you are utilizing pavers excavate 10 inches of dirt. Place 4-inches of aggregate and compact. Once the foundation is correctly ready, put 4-inches of bedding sand and compact. It is necessary to level out everything.

Patios can look specifically appealing with decorative concrete pavers. These require bedding material. Concrete pavers remove the requirement for finishes and sealers. The entire procedure might sound easy, but needs a great deal of skill to deliver.

A concrete overlay over the existing base is also a great way to create a decorative stamped concrete patio. If you do not have a patio area installed adjacent to your house, think about selecting decorative concrete walkways for a more dramatic appearance. The fresh pour can include coloring pigment to create colored concrete patios. Once the installation is done, seal the stamped concrete for long-lasting results.

Get in touch with a professional and request quotes.


How to Find The Best Contractor

This is the last classification and cannot be ignored.

There is a process to finding the right contractor. Begin your study with your home. Do your part of the market research to find the best one.  Determining your budget plan and requirements is the first step to finding a good professional. Use an online calculator to determine the estimated cost of your task.

How to Find the Best Contractor Tampa
How to Find the Best Contractor Tampa

Determine the expense of the products and labor for the basic parts of your project. It is not difficult to do. If you’re thinking about getting a special design, do not forget to include the cost of stamping, staining or custom pavers.

Now that you’ve got a cost estimate, it’s time to discover an excellent professional that fits your budget and requirements. Start your research with Google. Get a list of those that do the kind of work you desire.

Check for evaluations online. Keep in mind that not all testimonials are going to be positive. This should leave you with the top 2-3 names to begin calling.

They will want to meet with you promptly. Request some references for jobs they have recently finished. View as many as you can. Call the professional whose work you feel is the best and set a meeting to talk about quotes.

Right here is where you have to listen to you gut. Ask all the questions you have. If you put don’t feel like you got a total answer then continue asking. This is about your money and your home.  Make sure you are comfortable with the responses.

As soon as you’re done with the decision making, begin talking about the terms of service. You want a written agreement that includes a warranty for products, craftsmanship and clean up. Read the agreement thoroughly and set up the payment dates accordingly. You have to allow time to walk the job with the service provider to ensure exactly what you see is exactly what you bought. Generate a punch list that should be completed prior to the last payment. It should also include a restoration clause. Everything must be returned to it’s initial state after the work is completed.

You want a copy of the service providers insurance certification consisting of worker’s compensation. You want a schedule for start, completion and routine updates on progress.

See to it you do your study well. Reviewing online evaluations can help you avoid becoming a victim of a cut and run contractor.